By ‘Lady’ Colleen Heller CHt, LMt, MH
Director of Horse Heal™

When you arrive to this beautiful stable, you wonder how a place like this exists near downtown Cairo, Egypt. It is somehow quiet and soft in the midst of traffic, heavy pollution and noise. On this day in February, the weather was unusually warm, bright with a light breeze. My thoughts were of this prior to meeting 'No Limits', the mare who I was asked to use my skills on.

Her owner, Khaled Assem, met me at my Holistic Center, Sinai Energetics in El Maadi, Cairo and, after having his own successful therapy session, suggested I have a look at his horse, which I agreed to do. I was informed No Limits was continually kicking in her box and damaging her legs for quite some time. Working with animals was not new to me. I’ve worked on camels, horses, goats, dogs, birds and cats prior but working on animals with a goal, such as a show jumping horse, would be a first. My impression of Mr. Assem was that he was unique. Stepping out of the ‘boxed’ idea of care needed for his horses, by being available to a therapy he may not exactly understand, but allowing due to his own personal experience. That takes vision. A character trait of Mr. Khaled Assem.

Mr. Assem and his groom met me, my PA who photographed the first meeting and a journalist friend of ours, out by the gates. He brought us to his mare in her box. She was black as night, ornery and snippy! Mr. Assem asked if I wanted to work on her in the box or out. I looked to No Limits, mentally asked her what she wanted, and was clear she wanted out. Mr. Assem and the groom brought her out to the open area where I was instructed on how to deal with her on a lead rope. I listened but kept my eyes on the mare. She was already communicating her discomfort in movement. I took the lead from the owner who then left me with her. I let her graze a bit. Although she does not know me, I am confident and kind; this she recogniaed so let me put my hand on her, although a bit tentative at first. After a few moments, she knew I would not hurt her and was curious of who and what I am. Across the way, all the grooms were watching and waiting for No Limits to rear up, bite or kick. She didn’t.

Looking into her eyes, although warned not to, I saw her pain. What this pain was I had yet to uncover. With my 30 plus years of experience in Energetic Medicine, I decided to use a hand on healing technique combining Reiki with acupressure point release work. The therapy involves tracing the meridian lines of the horse, much like a human, while using simple pressure release techniques utilising acupressure points in specific patterns. Reiki would give the horse rest and relieve stress while working the point pattern. This would release blocks in her energy field, which then translated to the organs and structure. I scanned her with my hands listening to her breathing, body sounds and watching her movements. This is very important to do prior to any hands on working.

After the open area, we all went to her box with her owner, where the therapy would begin.
Mr. Assem said No Limits had two areas of concern. First, obviously the legs from kicking in her box non-stop for years and second in her left glutei and stomach. Her legs were swollen and unbalanced. I spent time with each one, gently moving up and down her legs, removing blocks and releasing stress she had created by kicking for so long. While I moved my hands around her body, I noticed her stomach area was too hot. The mare looked back at me while I let Reiki flow to her under belly. She had a pained expression in her eyes which gave me an emotional response I shall never forget. On further inspection, I decided to question if she had a worm issue. Was she wormed? Although I know nothing of the procedure for worming a horse, this is what came to me. The answer was she was wormed over 9 months prior and soon she would be wormed again according to the groom. She was overdue.

My first session would be completed with No Limits by working on her hind area. When I pointed her hind legs, a shiver appeared under her skin, which I followed with my hand, pointing along the way. She showed me where to go to help her. She was engaged in her healing and showed me trust. I was humbled.

Results: No Limits kicked very little in her box that first night said the groom. Two days later, I returned for her second healing session similar to the first session. After I left her she did not kick in her box at all. No Limits had other issues including biting. Everyone was afraid of her. Her grooms, rider and horse people who went by her box. Everyone stayed clear of her. By the third visit, after incorporating more movements on the body in rhythmic fashion while talking to No Limits, biting was not a major issue any longer. No Limit's was becoming a calmer and happier horse. The owner, grooms, rider and vet were extremely impressed and happy with her changes. But would they last? The test of time began.

No Limits’ old groom thought she may lose her edge without the fire she had, not able to perform due to this new calm, happy, healthier energy she now possessed. I knew differently and the owner agreed. Mr. Assem said, “She has always been anxious but still focused at shows. I think that if she is calmer she will be more calculated. In time, she’ll be even better at the shows plus the old groom is happier with the mare now.” He was correct; I continued to work with her.

Shortly after these sessions, I heard Farida, a 19 year old, had taken on the mare. I went to watch how No Limits would do with a rider. Farida had been working with her trainer, Mr. Assem, for 5 years. She rode No Limits this evening but was afraid and fearful because this mare was known for being crazy! I remember calling out to Mr. Assem during this training session about the fear I was witnessing in practice. He thought I meant the horse, I said no...'Give me the rider'! He smiled and told her later to speak to me.

I did meet the rider at a show at the Ferosia Club. She was very interested in overcoming her fears by any means as nothing had helped her before. From her own past experiences with other horses and No Limits throwing her, she would clench at jumps. I was given the opportunity to work with her by her mother. What we did together will be in the next instalment along with the workings of other horses and their disease. HT

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