The anecdotes of Farida Saba

Experiences in competitions can be fantastic or they can be painful. I've been entering competitions for 3 years, my first international competition in 2014, was in Lumen, Belgium and it was a CSI**. My best competition experience was when I entered the international competition in Holland which was also a CSI** I got a clear round, and Andre Sakakini was in the same class with me and I was on the 30th place and he was in the 33rd place!

In March 2015 in Kings Ranch, Alexandria I was riding Wael Mahgary's horse ‘Garo’. I was going to enter the E class... Meanwhile; as I was warming up, a disaster happened! There was a sudden loud music so he got sacred and ran around the whole arena twice. As he was running he stopped suddenly and jumped up and down. After that he put all his weight down and I fell... Then he kicked me in my kidney and my cap and ran away. I asked myself, why am I on the ground? I couldn't breathe I was trying to inhale some oxygen. People came and were in shock and they helped me walk all the way to the ambulance, I was sobbing in fear; I was in terrible shock and couldn't bare myself. The doctor ran to get some ice. Everyone was worried, but thank God the doctor saved my life. I was so worried and I thought that I would never sit on a saddle again! But God saved me and I was lucky enough to survive!

The most wonderful and most gorgeous experience I had in my life is being part of the Zoghby team! and Karim Zoghby being my trainer. This year, I also had a great experience, entering the Sunshine Tour which took part in Spain! and was a CSI***. I entered 110 with ‘Katching’ and to tell you the truth it was another marvellous experience. On the first day I got a clear round and on the second day I also got a clear round, even though it was raining. I am really happy with what I'm achieving right now! Thank God.

Preparing myself & my horse for the competition depends on the horse. When it's my horse, the one I'm used to, it is different than with other horses. With other horses I just do what the trainer tells me to do, it’s important to give the horse the feeling that I'm confident. It's like riding a bike and you get used to it by time; most of the horses I ride are already experienced in this type of environment.

At home I do a lot of Flat work & jumping, but I prefer jumping. I love to bond with my horse, and sometimes the horses really want to go out of their stall. - I actually stay with the horse in his humble home & enjoy his company which help us communicate better and understand each other. I play with him by giving him fresh apples, carrots & sugar.


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