Official Statement by Abdullah Al-Sharbatly


It's Official now that Abdullah Al-Sharbatly’s top ride Tobalio (Numero Uno x Jacorde) has retired from the sport after a very successful career. The 17-year-old gelding was acquired by Abdullah Al-Sharbatly in April 2014 from the Euro commerce Auction. The Pair have been competing since then in the top shows of the sport and they have produced many heroic performances together. They won Shanghai LGCT Grand Prix 2016. They came 2nd in Madrid LGCT Grand Prix last year. They had several great results in Windsor, Valkenswaard, Gijon, Estoril and many other results.


Abdullah has stated: "Tobalio is a true fighter whenever he sees the fences he goes out there and amazes everyone.” Abdullah continued to say, "It was really hard to put an end for my great Tobalio, at this stage we decided that it's time to rest although he is still capable of winning many more shows." "I have always believed in him and he always proves my point and the last year was totally glorious for us, I truly love this horse." Abdullah says.




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