Epaillard and Foster shine in the first day of the CSI4* A Coruña

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The big favorites, Julien Epaillard and Tiffany Foster, do not disappoint in the first day.

A Coruña, July 28, 2017 - The first day has been marked by a complete international dominance in which the most outstanding riders of this edition of the CSI4* A Coruña have demonstrated their level. The Frenchman Julien Epaillard and Aldrick Cheronnet won the Marqués de Riscal Trophy and the Dascher Trophy respectively, while the Canadian Tiffany Foster won the NH Collection Trophy.


The Canadian Tiffany Foster wins the NH Collection Trophy

The Canadian Tiffany Foster this afternoon raised the NH Collection Trophy.Tiffany Foster, riding Brighton, was the only one able to snatch the first place from the Frenchman Aldrick Cheronnet, who was third this morning in the Marqués de Riscal Trophy, and with a time of 65.61 seconds seemed to cling to the first place. But with a seamless run and a time of 65.53 seconds, Foster proved that the challenges are made to overcome them. She was accompanied on the podium by Cheronnet himself and another Frenchman, Reynald Angot, who finished with 66.49 seconds, riding Symphonie des Biches.

The 70-second mark was reserved for a few in the 1.50-meter race, including top-ranked Spanish rider Julio Arias (68.23 seconds) and Chile's Uri Rosenzweig (68.89 seconds) .The young Galician rider Javier González Fraga remained among the top ten classified after completing the course without fail in a time of 71.57 seconds.

Once again, the test demonstrated why the emotion never misses in the installations of Larín. Although Cheronnet seemed unbeatable, the regulars at Casas Novas knew that the last word had to be said, since among the last ten participants there were some of the strongest pair of the test: Foster herself, Samantha McIntosh , Gudrun Patteet, Epaillard… However, none of them finished the course without fail.


Aldrick Cheronnet climbs to the podium for the third time today in Casas Novas

Today was his big day. The Frenchman Aldrick Cheronnet signed the day with his triumph in the Dachser Trophy in an incredible performance, where he has climbed to the podium in all three tests: he was third in the Trofeo Marqués de Riscal and second in the NH Collection.

Aldrick Cheronnet came out last in the Jump Off with Atlantys by Wisbecq and beated all his rivals, with a time of 40.13 seconds. The French anthem was played for the second time in Larín, as his compatriot Julien Epaillard won the first test of the day. The winner was finally accompanied by his compatriot Olivier Robert and the Portuguese Marina Frutuoso de Melo.


Early victory of Epaillard in the Trofeo Marqués de Riscal

This first day of CSI4 * started with the warning of Julien Epaillard, a well known rider of the Galician track, where he has scored important successes. The Frenchman demonstrated his aspirations to raise the trophy Marqués de Riscal, after achieving the best time in the test of 1.35 on Sheriffs de la Nutria LM. He was accompanied on the podium by a Spaniard, Kevin Gonzalez de Zárate, and another Frenchman, Aldrick Cheronnet.


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