Hello Horse Lovers,

Today I’d like to talk about a very cute Mare we have in Equicare Riding Center. She is a horse who’s perfect for the lunge and Voltige Levels.

“Brownie” is a beautiful 7 years old brown Mare. She has a very light and powerful motion in her gate (Walk, Trot and Canter) with a very well developed body and muscles. She really is an active sweet mare.

Brownie is also very smart that she listens to the orders of the captain or the rider by only speaking out the order.When brownie is working in the lunge or the voltige you only have to say walk or trot or canter without doing anything. Her personality is wonderful and powerful.

She is a Mare who is really safe for kids and beginners. Brownie also has a good time jumping small fences every now and then but her main job is teaching beginners how to be confident while sitting on a horse

So, that’s it for today, hope you all enjoyed the blog. Stay tuned for more updates and stories about other horses.

Have a good day

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