Hello Horse Lovers,

Happy New Year

May is year come to you with all the joy, happiness and lots of knowledge with your horses.

As yesterday was the third and last day for Beethoven’s medication, today I went directly to check on him and the reason why I’m checking on him on the fourth day is because I want to make sure that the effect of all the medications he has taken is now withdrawn from his body to get accurate results.

I escorted him outside the box and watched him move around with ease. After that I asked the groom to move him in a straight line to see if he is relaxed in his walk.

Then I asked the groom to trot him in a straight line while I was standing behind to watch his trotting gate to know if it’s steady, with no pain while maintaining the rhythmic sound of his hoofs. I also repeated the whole thing from the front while he came towards me.

He looked really happy feeling sound again and he was moving with a lot of energy and happiness. I’m glad I can share this moment with you all with a small video. Hope you enjoyed the Blog with our handsome Beethoven and wait for more updates coming up.

Have a good day 


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