Egypt in push to be able to export its horses to Europe

Via: Horsetalk


Officials in Egypt will push to have the European Union (EU) ban on horse exports from the country lifted, which would provide a boost to the nation’s breeders of Egyptian Arabians.



The Egypt Independent reports that Agriculture and Land Reclamation Minister Essam Fayed has asked the country’s veterinary and agriculture agencies to meet to find a solution to the EU ban.


The ban has been in place for five years.

Fayed, commenting on the sidelines of the International Championship for Arabian Horses held in Cairo on Saturday, said direct negotiations would be undertaken with the EU.


Egypt, he said, was committed to upholding international animal health standards.

The country is reported to have an estimated 9000 Egyptian Arabians across about 650 horse farms.


The ban was imposed in 2010, following a visit to Egypt by officials from the European Commission’s Food and Veterinary Office to evaluate compliance with EU standards for live horse importation.


Its report in July concluded that controls and practices in Egypt were insufficient to meet requirements for live horse important into the EU.


It raised issues around legislation, the use of civilian veterinarians in the relevant competent authority, laboratory testing for diseases, animal identification, animal health controls and import controls.


Egyptian authorities have moved to resolve the matters, including new legislation and reorganisation within the relevant agencies.





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