LIVE interview with Egypt's Nayel Nassar

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» LIVE interview with Egypt's Nayel Nassar

:::*HORSE TIMES interviews Egypt's very promising and talented rider, Nael Nassar.
**Nael Nassar is a very talented 21-year-old show jumping rider with plenty of potential. He is also a charming and very eloquent young man as well as a very charismatic rider that you will certainly hear plenty about in this near future - if you haven't already.
***Nael has achieved and been achieving many good and consistent results in the past few years, but this month he beat the likes of Mclain Ward and Beezie Madden in Spruce Meadows to take home the 1.50 meter Progress Energy Cup.
****To view HORSE TIMES' article on Nael published in 2009, see:
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