1. Jamaica! Jamaica, is not just known for its famous chicken jerky, for humans… A nice sun set ride in the water at the Half Moon Equestrian center in Montego Bay in the north side of the island… Riding with your swim suit in one the most amazing places in the world, is not your average equestrian experience…

  2. Peru! Following that steps of the Spanish conquerors riding across Peru’s sacred valleys is an experience that will make you and your horse’s day!

  3. Romania! If South America and the Caribean are to far to you then head to Romania, and step back in time while traditional horse carriages, are an official transportation!

  4. Colombia! Get a true Latin American experience while riding from hacienda to hacienda in central Colombia!

  5. Finland! Allthough you might not think of one of the world’s most cold and snowy places to be great for riding, they actually are! A horse and a husky safari will take you to the wild snowy rides across wild forests, frozen lakes and even over the hills! It definitely is something that you have to do!

  6. Namibia! Riding in Namibia is not for the faint hearted, during the trip you will encounter scary things as you’re on the mountains in the old desert at ten PM!

  7. India! Take a wild trip to India, if you’re willing to wrap up a culture and a fine equestrian experience, in just one trip…


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