2013 AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. Nasr Marei

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» 2013 AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. Nasr Marei

:::Dr. Nasr Marei is a world-renowned breeder, international judge,and gracious ambassador for the Arabian breed and the winner of the 2013 Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Albadeia Stud represents a family legacy of over seven decades and ten generations of Arabian horses. This historic breeding programme began in 1935 when his grandfather, Ahmed Marei, purchased two Arabian fillies from the Royal Agricultural Society of Egypt. The stud grew and flourished under Nasr’s father, Dr. Sayed Marei, who, despite demanding positions within the Egyptian government, always retained his great love and passion for the family’s Arabian horses. In 1961, the ruling regime in Egypt decreed that the Arabian horses of the Egyptian Agricultural Organisation be dispersed. Dr. Sayed Marei, acting alone and risking his career, gave a passionate plea that saved this breeding programme and forever influenced the history of the Arabian horse.
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