Bernie Traurig (Equestrian Coach)

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» Equestrian Coach: Become a member!

» Equestrian Coach: Rodrigo Pessoa & Let's Fly

:::Get to know Rodrigo and his great horse HH Let's Fly while they school over Rodrigo's favorite gymnastic in preparation for the $231,000 FEI World Cup Grand Prix CSI 4* during week 9 of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington. This topic focuses on the partnership of horse and rider and features Rodrigo's play by play of his winning round.

» Equestrian Coach: The Winkler Gymnastic with Bernie Traurig

:::In this video, Bernie shares with you one of his favorite gymnastics designed to improve your horse's agility, front end (technique), rhythm & balance.

» Equestrian Coach: Riding Your Rhythm with Mandy Porter

:::Learn to make yourself ride with a consistent rhythm, with your horse in front of your leg. Maintaining good rhythm & balance can help dramatically to improve your ride by allowing the jumps to come to you instead of unknowingly changing your rhythm in search of "the perfect distance." Trust that your horse can jump well from many distances as long as you keep this in mind.

» Equestrian Coach: Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 5 To Sit or Not to Sit

:::Bernie Traurig discusses all the different seats one uses on course and where they apply with show ring footage from some of the best Hunter, Jumper & Equitation Riders.

» Equestrian Coach: Winning Turns with Bernie Traurig

:::Bernie discusses & demonstrates his signature system for short turns to jumps that he has used & taught for decades. This system has not only brought him success in the show ring, but has contributed to the success of his many students.
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